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We already use a different HR software, is switching easy?

Yes! Your current HR software provider should provide you (or us, if you prefer) with an export of all your data. We then upload this to our system and get you set up. We're here to help every step of the way.

Is Ultra HR GDPR compliant?

Yes. For more information on security and GDPR, please visit our Data & Security page.

Is data storage an extra cost?

Nope! The price you see here is the price you'll pay. Unlimited data storage is included in your subscription cost.

How do I get my information onto Ultra HR? Won't that take ages?

It really doesn't take long at all. Our team are expertly trained to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can start using your shiny new HR software.

Where is your support team based?

We are based in the UK and provide a 24/7 support service, accredited to the Microsoft Gold standard.

What are your support hours?

Our standard support hours are 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. There is an option for access to our out of hours support service for all other times, so if you have a critical issue at 3am on a Saturday, a member of our team will be available to help.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Once you've reached the end of your contract terms, you can get in touch with us to cancel the service.

Do I get my information back if I cancel?

Yes. The information you and your employees upload to Ultra HR is yours. We don't own it and will never hold it to ransom! If you decide to leave us, we'll provide you with a full export.

Do you offer training?

Yes. We want everyone to get the most out of our HR software, so our team can provide one-on-one or group training sessions, either in person or via web-ex.

Won't my team struggle to get used to the software?

Change can be difficult, but that's why we're here. We can provide training if required and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the software. Ultra HR is extremely intuitive and simple to use, but we understand that sometimes people like a bit of extra support.

Is Ultra HR only available in English?

At the moment, yes. However, we're in the process of making the software available in multiple languages. Watch this space!

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5 ways HR software can improve your business success

Are your HR processes taking up too much time? Is your employee data scattered across spreadsheets? Is your HR team drowning in admin? Then HR software may be the answer.

What is Human Resources Software?

HR software is a one-stop-shop for storing all employee information. An online HR management system (HRMS) combines multiple HR functions to provide a streamlined and automated process. But it can deliver so much more to a business - giving you a competitive edge. Here are 5 ways HR software can enhance your business.

illustration of a woman showcasing UltraHR
  1. Save yourself a lot of time

    We all know time is money - and HR software can save you both. Through automation, the time taken to complete HR transactions is significantly reduced. Good news for the HR team, but also for your employees who get a quicker and more efficient service.

    Better still, with a self-service system, people can manage their own information. They can update their personal details, record absences, submit expenses and update achievements. That is even more time saved for the HR department. Plus, it also means fewer errors and more up to date information.

    Self-service also lets staff stay in control of their data, increasing engagement through greater transparency, trust, and autonomy. What is not to like?

    Automated processes and self-service save significant time for line managers too. They can access their team information to make immediate and informed decisions. Our Ultra HR Time & Attendance system empowers managers to take control of staff holidays, absences and working time to increase productivity and performance. There is even an “Auto-Approve” feature for holiday requests that meet a pre-set criteria, which saves even more time!

    So free up line managers' time and let them focus on what they do best to drive your business forward.

    UltraHR illustrated characters seated in coffee shop, using laptops on the go
  2. Reduced staff costs and increase engagement

    Research by Hay Group Management Consultancy estimates that disengaged employees cost the UK economy £340 billion every year in lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity, creativity and innovation. How much is it costing your business?

    HR management systems help to keep your staff engaged and performing at their best. On boarding checklists engage your new staff right from day one, reducing turnover and speeding up the time it takes for them to become productive. And the Ultra HR Employee Benefits and Wellbeing feature in the Employee Wellbeing Module keeps your employees up to date with staff benefits and social events across the company. Bingo!

    In the UK, the average employee takes 5.8 sick days per year, even more if they feel disengaged. That means financial costs, loss of productivity and more work for the rest of the team. Bad news! The Ultra HR Time & Attendance system helps you to manage sickness absence and reduce costs through easy reporting and an automated return to work process. By flagging patterns in employee sickness, the HR department can quickly look to engage with employees and offer support if required.

    A growing trend in performance management is to move away from the traditional annual appraisal, and focus on regular, informal conversations. Frequent check-ins allow for performance feedback and upcoming goals to be updated immediately. Through the Ultra HR performance feature, you can make notes that capture feedback on performance and progress towards goals throughout the year, taking the load off your preparation for that anticipated annual appraisal. Your staff can also view a full history of their reviews and goals to keep fully engaged with their progress.

    UltraHR illustrated characters in an office, man receives high priority notification on his mobile phone.
  3. Enhance your decision making

    The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Develop (CIPD) report that too few organisations use HR data to help them make decisions about how they invest, manage, and develop their people to deliver their business strategy. You want to make sure that every hard-earned pound gets spent on the right interventions to further your business success and improve employee wellbeing. And that’s where HR software comes into its own.

    Working from many spreadsheets can make reporting inefficient and inaccurate. This means slow decision making and worse still, inaccurate decisions.

    HR software not only stores your people data in one place but allows for easy-to-use comprehensive reporting and analysis. The Ultra HR intuitive reporting tool is easy to use so you do not have to be a data guru to get the information you need.

    Accurate data-driven insights mean you can understand the trends within your business to predict future needs. You can develop improvements and interventions to enhance both HR and drive business performance. Finally, you have a crystal ball to see into the future, ensuring your success.

    It is your employees who feel the impact of the decisions you make. Better decisions make for fair, informed and meaningful outcomes - enhancing your employee experience and increasing employee engagement. Remember that £340 billion?

    UltraHR illustrated characters, depicting employees of different ethnicities.
  4. Experience the value of strategic HR

    Let your HR team focus on people, not spreadsheets. Free your HR team from time-draining admin, boost employee wellbeing, and see the real value strategic HR can add to your business.

    Let your HR team focus on people, not spreadsheets. Free your HR team from time-draining admin, boost employee wellbeing, and see the real value strategic HR can add to your business.

    UltraHR illustration showing UHR software on laptop
  5. Improve compliance and reduce risk

    Ok, so compliance is boring, but necessary - getting it wrong can be costly. HR software takes away the hassle and keeps your business safe.

    Cloud-based HR software means greater IT security and safer storage of sensitive employee information. You can store and manage information much more effectively, making your responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) much easier to manage. That is one less worry.

    With centrally stored training records, meeting regulatory requirements for your industry is covered. Then easy in-built reporting and automatic alerts ensure you remain compliant and up to date.

    The Communications & Documents feature within Ultra HR lets you send high priority information to all employees. Then you can track that important communications have been received, gain important sign off that employees have read and understood key changes such as policy updates. Our handy reporting tool also lets you see who still needs a prompt to read their messages.

    UltraHR illustration showing the My Objectives feature, within the UHR Software

So, is HR Software a sound investment?

Definitely! There are so many cost savings and enhancements HR software can add to your business.

So, how much does it cost? We hear you ask!

We offer clear, honest pricing, starting from as little as £1.75 per employee per month. Our flexible packages mean that you can purchase the Ultra HR core modules first and add extra features to grow with your business as and when you need it. So, you never pay for more than you need.

Request a demo today and let Ultra HR help you take your business to new heights, now.

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